14 Dec 2019

Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project Public Forum - Sliver Power, Get Set, Go!

With the increasing life expectancy of the population, older people are still capable of and willing to contribute to their communities after retirement. An age-friendly city and community provides ample opportunities and options for paid employment and voluntary work, and encourages civic participation for older people for embracing active ageing. Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies (APIAS) of Lingnan University organised a public forum titled "Silver Power, Get Set, Go!" on 14 December 2019 in Lingnan University. About 380 participants from different sectors joined the forum. Through keynote presentations and panel discussion, the forum aims to explore the ways to promote age-friendly civic participation and employment for elderly people in Hong Kong.  

At the forum, Ms Imelda Chan, Head of Charities (Grant Making - Elderly and Family) of The Hong Kong Jockey Club and Dr Law Chi-kwong, Secretary for Labour and Welfare delivered an opening speech and welcoming remarks respectively. Professor Joshua Mok, Vice President of Lingnan University shared the public's views on civic participation and employment in Hong Kong as reflected in the baseline assessment findings under the Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project ("JCAFC Project"). Another keynote speaker, Dr Lam Ching-choi, Chairman of Elderly Commission, also shared his views under the topic of “An Ageing Workforce: Employment Opportunity” illustrating the current employment situation of the elderly, the benefits of employment for the elderly and the features of an age-friendly working environment.   

In the panel discussion moderated by Professor Joshua Mok, the panelists exchanged views and ideas on promoting employment after retirement for young-olds of different backgrounds in Hong Kong. Panelists included Dr Lam Ching-choi, Chairman of Elderly Commission; Mr Byron Ng, Executive Director of Employees Retraining Board; Mr Ryan Yeung, Founder of Happy-Retired Charity Action Limited; Ms Joyce Mak, Chief Executive Officer of Gingko House; and Ms Carrie Chui, AFC Ambassador of the JCAFC Project.

Lingnan University also set up exhibition and activity booths to introduce the JCAFC Project, the benefits and challenges of elderly employment, as well as the options of retirement life, with the aim to promote civic participation and employment of elderly people to enhance age-friendliness in Hong Kong.

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PowerPoint Presentation: (Chinese version only)


Speaker: Professor Joshua Mok (Vice President of Lingnan University)

Title: Civic Participation and Employment in Hong Kong Age-friendly City: Evidence from the Baseline Assessment

Speaker: Dr Lam Ching-choi (Chairman of Elderly Commission)

Title: An Ageing Workforce: Employment Opportunity

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Project partners:

  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • The University of Hong Kong
  • Lingnan University
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Jockey Club Institute of Ageing
  • Sau Po Centre on Ageing
  • Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies
  • Research Centre for Gerontology and Family Studies
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